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Φτάνοντας στον Καλαθά -10’ από το Αεροδρόμιο Ιωάννης Δασκαλογιάννης και 15’ από τα Χανιά- ένας γαλήνιος προορισμός 40 δωματίων απλώνεται σε 10 στρέμματα, με μεσογειακό κήπο, πισίνα, και με θέα τη θάλασσα.


+30 2821 064363

Kentrikos Odos 731 00


  • +30 2821 064363
  • Καλαθάς, Χανιά
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There is a place that is close enough to feel the pulse of such a vibrant city like Chania, and at the same time so far away that you can enjoy the idyllic Cretan natural landscape: this place is Kalathas.


Relax & Comfort

At the eastern end of the bay of Chania, in a discreet location on the west side of the Akrotiri peninsula, Kalathas is the ideal scenery for serene and relaxing holidays: golden sand, turquoise, shallow waters - it’s a Blue Flag beach - tamarisk trees, and small taverns.
Although it’s an organized beach, its size and layout will make you feel comfortable and safe, even if you do not choose to use one of the existing sunbeds or umbrellas. Unless you are a water sports or diving fan: in this case, you can spend more time in the sea - or choose to swim to the nearby islet, right in the
center of the bay.

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