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Φτάνοντας στον Καλαθά -10’ από το Αεροδρόμιο Ιωάννης Δασκαλογιάννης και 15’ από τα Χανιά- ένας γαλήνιος προορισμός 40 δωματίων απλώνεται σε 10 στρέμματα, με μεσογειακό κήπο, πισίνα, και με θέα τη θάλασσα.


+30 2821 064363

Kentrikos Odos 731 00


  • +30 2821 064363
  • Καλαθάς, Χανιά
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Breakfast Time

Cretan Gastronomy


Cretan cuisine’s reputation is -literally- a matter of word of mouth.
As soon as the first bite reaches your mouth, the word that comes out first is
"Perfect!". From its fruits and vegetables to its meat and dairy products,
the taste is a dominant element of the island’s character.
We will offer you a unique Cretan à la carte breakfast to start
every day in the best possible way.

Self Made Breakfast

When it comes to our most remote suites, we offer a unique, outstanding, sophisticated concept! We call it “The Prepare It Yourself Breakfast.” We will provide you with all the necessary ingredients -nothing but the best Cretan products- along with a handy cooking book, full of unique recipes based on these ingredients, provided by our executive chef. All it takes is to let yourself immerse in Cretan gastronomy!

Local Cuisine


At the nearby restaurants, you will find traditional dishes - and of course, fresh fish. If you still have an appetite -literally and figuratively- for exploration, there’s a plethora of nearby small wineries and dairy farms -each a tasty destination on its own. All you have to do is ask us, and we will provide you with all the necessary information...

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